How to drive a car with an iMT gearbox through flood waters

I am acquainted with the demanded tactics for a manual but my not long ago acquired Kia Sonet has an iMT gearbox.

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I am from Bombay & have not long ago obtained the Kia Sonet iMT Petrol. On the other hand, this will be my initially monsoon with the iMT.

Acquainted with the flooding that happens in Mumbai, we all have waded by the floods in our guide transmission cars (constantly holding the clutch down & accelerating while idle, to stop water from receiving into the motor).

How do you do this in an iMT? Is it achievable to push an iMT by way of floods? You do not have a clutch pedal, so do you just speed up in neutral when you are idling?

iMT entrepreneurs be sure to recommend if you have experienced driving an iMT in floods prior to.

Many thanks

This is what BHPian windrider had to say about the matter:

This is where by a large amount of persons mistakenly think that h2o getting into as a result of the exhaust pipe is what triggers the engine to stall. 9 moments out of 10, it is the water that enters by means of the vehicle’s air ingestion that will make its way into the engine and sales opportunities to motor hydrolock.

Most cars and trucks have their air intake positioned just behind the grill or the space powering 1 of the headlights. Some have it positioned even decrease guiding the bumper. It isn’t going to make any difference if your vehicle is an computerized or a manual, if drinking water gets into your air box, it can be recreation around.

Anyway, if you are pressured to travel by way of a flooded road, I guess you will have to program a couple of metres in progress in what gear you will need to be in. Apart from that, the only other way I see is, as you said, put it in neutral and rev the motor. Attaching a video clip by Scotty Kilmer. I was stunned by just how a handful of inches of h2o that may well appear to be risk-free can overall your vehicle.

This is what BHPian dhanushs had to say about the make a difference:

The explanation why they say to speed up is to maintain the exhaust tension bigger than the water stress so that the exhaust is just not choked and the auto shuts off. The even larger concern would be water moving into through the consumption.

An even larger worry would be the dependability of your electrical elements following water wading.

I would strongly advise that even even though you have a large GC automobile, Avoid h2o every time achievable. It really is not achievable to gauge the depth of the h2o, or the splash, or the bow wave in traffic, so, if a vehicle finds it difficult, then you ought to deal with the Kia Sonet similarly.

If you genuinely have to have to pass by means of, then potentially hold out for the visitors to serene down, then drive at a frequent rpm/pace in a decreased equipment holding the rpms large, and velocity minimal, so that minimal bumps or potholes shouldn’t make a variation.

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