Toyota screening hydrogen combustion engines in race cars

Toyota says it really is tests hydrogen combustion engines in race vehicles as it performs toward making use of the technological know-how in commercial products

TOKYO — Toyota said Monday it is testing hydrogen combustion engines in race autos as it performs towards working with the know-how in commercial goods.

Toyota Motor Corp. declared earlier that it was creating a hydrogen combustion motor, which Ford Motor Co. and other automakers have also produced. Automobiles driven by these kinds of engines are unique from gas cell cars that use hydrogen to create electrical power, and from electric or hybrid cars.

“We want to propose numerous selections to satisfy regional wants,” Naoyuki Sakamoto, main engineer of the hydrogen-run engine Corolla model, mentioned in an on-line news convention.

Sakamoto declined to say when the hydrogen combustion engine may possibly develop into a industrial item, acknowledging even further enhancement is desired to deal with its so far minimal driving array. Infrastructure for fueling these kinds of vehicles is another obstacle. Toyota has not unveiled the assortment or mileage for the know-how

A person advantage of hydrogen engines is that negligible changes are required from standard inner combustion engines, besides for the fuel piping and injection methods.

The use of hydrogen as gasoline arrives with some threat considerations, but hydrogen fueling stations are working across Japan, with no major mishaps so far.

Sakamoto explained hydrogen is as harmless as any other gasoline on streets these days, noting lithium-ion batteries utilised in EVs have triggered fires, and hydrogen tanks are designed of carbon fiber.

The most current hydrogen technologies is staying examined on a Yaris with a 1.6 liter engine for racing, in accordance to Toyota.

Two hydrogen tanks match in the back again seat spot of the racing car, even though that is probable to transform for commercial designs.

Hydrogen can be made from drinking water by electrolysis, usually carried out in university chemistry experiments. Hydrogen can also be converted from solar strength for storage. But based on how widespread such fuel may turn into, it could be a ton less expensive to fill up your car than gasoline, whose selling prices fluctuate wildly. Toyota also reported it was generating hydrogen at a geothermal power station in southern Japan.

But the hydrogen engine is not 100% zero emission, emitting a very small bit of carbon dioxide from the engine oil. Toyota said it has developed technological know-how to purify its nitrogen oxide, or NOx, emissions.


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