Yuchai ignites 16L hydrogen engine

The Yuchai YCK16H hydrogen-fueled engine was correctly ignited in Yulin, Guangxi. The motor, with a displacement of 15.93 liters and a greatest horsepower of 560 hp, is the most significant hydrogen-fueled motor with the most significant displacement and horsepower in China.

The YCK16H adopts advanced gas higher-force common rail, superior-tension in-cylinder direct injection technological know-how and dual-channel turbocharging technology, which can understand homogeneous combustion or stratified combustion in the cylinder as required, featuring much better electrical power overall performance, bigger thermal effectiveness and better balance.

The platform has large adaptability to gas purity and can be adapted to fuels ready by grey hydrogen, green hydrogen, methanol-manufactured hydrogen, and other usually means. The gas source can be freely merged in accordance to user requirements and the standard situations of gasoline creation, storage and transportation, which is a extremely adaptable, adaptable and controllable zero-carbon/minimal-carbon electric power remedy.

To clear up the problem of the comparatively modest electrical power for every liter of hydrogen-fueled engines, Yuchai selected the YC16H platform, which has greater horsepower but is smaller sized and lighter than related goods, and can be commonly used in eventualities this sort of as 49T tractors and other weighty professional automobiles and distributed electrical power sources.

The application of various alternative fuels places ahead bigger prerequisites on motor trustworthiness and adaptability. YCK16H adopts the independently made clever manage technique and significant-effectiveness air administration technique, which can know the two equal ratio combustion and lean combustion, and can modify the injection fuel force and air ingestion volume in accordance to diverse fuels, so as to give participate in to the part of diverse fuels proficiently.

It applies higher-trustworthiness fuel injection process technological innovation, electric-driven closed recirculation technological know-how and innovative exhaust gasoline recirculation engineering to protect against the occurrence of issues these as difficult ignition and unstable combustion in ammonia-fueled interior combustion engines. It adopts smart variable manage engineering, which can transform different fuels by modifying the gas system and smart regulate application without having modifying the main human body of the engine, so as to decrease the progress charge of car or truck manufacturers and superior meet up with consumer requirements.

The application of ammonia gas and methanol is also one particular of the highlights of this motor system. In contrast with hydrogen, ammonia gas and methanol aspect reduced preparing value, easier storage, vast application and less environmental affect. Based mostly on the higher than rewards, ammonia-fueled internal combustion engines and methanol-fueled internal combustion engines have a broader enhancement prospect. The improvement of YCK16H supplies a fantastic specialized platform for the application of solitary gas of ammonia or methanol, ammonia-hydrogen blended gasoline and diesel-methanol blended fuel, and lays a specialized basis for China to build zero-carbon emission inside combustion engines.

Li Hanyang, Secretary of the Social gathering Committee and Chairman of Yuchai Team, ignited YCK16H. He said that the new electricity motor area has produced speedily in current years. Yuchai, as a manufacturer of traditional engines, has taken the initiative to embrace thoroughly clean-power engines, produced breakthroughs in thoroughly clean-vitality engines, and supported China’s strategic targets of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”.

In December 2021, Yuchai efficiently ignited China’s very first hydrogen-fueled motor YCK05H oriented to city buses, municipal administration, sanitation, logistics and distribution fields, driving China’s internal combustion motor field into the zero-carbon vitality energy technique segment, and marking the commence of the R&D of hydrogen-fueled engines for industrial vehicles in China.

Soon after completing the enhancement of the light-duty hydrogen-fueled engine platform, Yuchai has released YCK16H heavy-responsibility in-cylinder immediate injection hydrogen-fueled engines, building Yuchai the only experienced electrical power program supplier covering light-weight-responsibility and heavy-obligation hydrogen-fueled inner combustion engines and gasoline mobile systems in the field of hydrogen electrical power in China.

The all-natural gasoline motor YCK15N made based on this system has completed bench tests and motor vehicle road assessments, and is predicted to be put into mass manufacturing by the end of 2022. The verification success display that YCK15N has greater reliability, the number of cylinder head minimal-cycle exhaustion cycles raises by 2.35 occasions, and B10 reaches 1 million kilometers. It adopts the industry’s first EGR system and crankcase technique anti-icing patented technologies, and can still run ordinarily at -40℃. It is cost-powerful for it has adopted the industry’s first TWC (3-way catalyst) + ASC(ammonia slip catalyst) + decarbonization engineering, which means that the endurance mileage of this solution doubles, the least expensive fuel usage is at least 5% reduced than that of related goods, and the torque is much larger than that of identical goods. This merchandise will be broadly utilised in 6X4 high-close tractors for trunk line logistics, and standard-load composite tractors in mountainous or plateau spots.

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